Why The Pelican?

This newsletter exists because coverage of “life issues” (especially abortion) in America is often superficial, reactive, and sporadic. People’s attention is often only snapped to these issues when some the Supreme Court hands down a ruling, or some other story of big national significance is at play. When people’s eyes do turn to these issues, the resulting conversation is often perfunctory, more interested in reasserting general moral or political judgements than attending to the details of a particular event or story. At worst, these impulses result in dishonest or disingenuous coverage and conversations.

This newsletter strives for a different approach. Through news synthesis and commentary, interviews, reviews, short essays, and interplay with readers, The Pelican seeks to create better, sustained coverage of abortion and other life issues. I hope to offer honest coverage and commentary that does not bend the truth for partisan reasons or political advantage. I am opposed to abortion, both personally and politically, but I also agree with what Alexi Sargeant says here: "To be pro-life must mean being pro-truth as well...Our responsibility to truth includes a responsibility to use statistics in a conscientious way, without being glib or misleading."

Any Thing Else I Should Know?

  • As for who produces this newsletter, my name is Peter Blair. I work at a nonprofit but I have also worked as a writer/editor. To learn more about me, you can follow me on Twitter. This is personal project in my free time, and doesn’t relate to my job in any way.

  • This newsletter will not contain any graphic images or descriptions of abortion, and I will do my best to flag it if I link to any external sites or material that do.

  • If you have stories, news, data, and other developments that you think should be included in The Pelican, please email me at lifecyclesletter@gmail.com (the email address is still under the old, original name of this newsletter, Lifecycles).

  • You can follow me on Twitter at @PeterAWBlair and see my blog at https://interiorintimomeoblog.wordpress.com

  • This newsletter sends once a month, on the first Monday of the month

Thanks to various friends who helped me with the vision and notes articulated on this page.

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